Why gamers love the Freedom Arm.

Why gamers love the Freedom Arm.

Posted by Monta K. on 18th Sep 2018

We are Ergotech Europe and we supply monitor arms and sit-stand solutions to anyone who would like to free up desk space and easily reposition their monitor. The Freedom arm is good quality and robust, designed to move lightly and effortlessly around your workplace. It gives you the possibility to physically move around freely by adjusting your monitor simultaneously to your needs. Whether you are sitting or standing the adjustable height system allows you to bring your monitor to eye level. This gives you maximum ergonomic comfort. It alleviates strain on the head, neck and eyes helping you maintain a healthy posture. There are plenty of reasons to invest in ergonomic comfort and its quite important if you spend most of your time by a computer screen.

Ergotech Freedom Arm is in demand and loved by the gaming community. If you are one of the new hip and trendy gamers who spend a lot of time playing games and training your skills to get to the next level, the Freedom Arm will help you increase productivity and efficiency. This is something to consider when aiming for a higher gaming position in the E-sports world. We want to help you do your best and achieve great gaming results so that you become one of the top dogs and perhaps an influencer, game expert etc. That is why we participate in gaming events and show our support by sponsorship and free giveaways. Look for us next time at an E-sports event and you might be the lucky winner of a Freedom Arm!

The Freedom Arm comes in two weight categories: for stationary computer screens that are up to 27” within the weight category of 3.8 kg - 8.07 kg (8.4lbs - 17.8lbs) which is also available with a wall mount. The Freedom Arm HD is compatible with screen types that are up to 27”, and can hold a heavier monitor within the weight range of 9.07 kg - 14 kg (20lbs - 30.8lbs).

Every monitor has a series number on the back, which can be checked online for weight specifications (without stand) and compatibility with the Freedom Arm weight range. The Freedom Arm comes in a package together with a clear instructions guide and all the bolts and tools for the set up. It is easy to assemble with a couple of actions. It is important to tighten the bolts accordingly to the monitor weight so the movement is smooth and not rigid. Our customers have the possibility to give their feedback about the purchased Ergotech product. You can read the comments under each category. Shipping is free in most EU countries.