Freedom Desk


The Freedom Desk is an ultra easy sit-stand solution designed with a spacious upper display surface and lower keyboard and mouse desk. It features spring-assisted lift mechanism that lets you switch easily between sitting and standing in just a few seconds. It also holds up to 15.9 kg (35 lbs), while staying steady and solid at any height. It ships fully assembled and ready-to-use – just put it right on top of your current desk, and you’re ready to work.

Tech Specs:

• Material: Density Plate /Sheet Metal / Plastic
• Desktop Thickness: 1.27 cm (0.5")
• Desk Height Range: 36.83 cm (14.5")
• Desktop Height Adjustment Range: 12.95 cm - 49.78 cm (5.1" to 19.6")
• Max Weight Capacity: Up to 15.9 kg (35lbs)

36" Overall Dimensions: 89.91 cm (35.4") wide x 63.75 cm (25.1") deep x 12.95 cm - 49.78 cm (5.1" - 19.6") high
36" Desktop Dimensions: 89.91 cm (35.4") wide x 63.75 cm (25.1") deep

Additional Features:

• Expansive upper surface provides large space for dual-monitor setups and other necessities
• Lower keyboard and mouse deck gives a comfortable operation space
• Dual-handle design puts effortless operation at your fingertips
• Spring-assisted lifting mechanism allows you to raise and lower it easily in just a few seconds
• Smoothly adjust to 10 different heights
• Adjust the lift strength to fit the weight of the mounted load for smooth and easy movements
• Extremely solid base ensures it stay sturdy and stable at any height
• Ships fully assembled, no installation required
• Upper work surface has a grommet hole for mounting an optional monitor arm, such as the Freedom Arm™

Freedom Desk Brochure

Shipping: Free Shipping to Norway and all EU Countries (except Malta).